Enable smart interactions with your customers.

Integrate our API into any text channel


How it works?

  • connect


    Add our API to your text support channel

  • faq


    Upload an FAQ list of question-answer pairs

  • ready


    The service is ready to handle user input

  • inbound


    Receive a question from the support channel

  • search


    Our AI finds questions in the FAQ which mean the same even if asked differently

  • done


    Return relevant answers with confidence ratings

Suggestions for answers


Instant reply to questions recognized with high confidence.
Complex questions trigger operator notification with options to choose from.
If several possible candidates are identified, they are presented to the operator.

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Main features

  • instant

    Instant on

    A ready-to-go system after a single upload of an FAQ list

  • quality


    Matching input to questions by meaning not key words or hand crafted rules

  • flexibility


    Raw text logs of dialogs or a knowledge base as a additional source for training

  • dynamic

    Dynamic traning

    Autodetection of new topics in message flow

  • online

    On-line tuning

    Continuous improvement of the service by learning from operator’s feedback

  • multilingual


    Different languages for training and the use of the service

Use cases

Find the best way to use the service

  • Fully automated Q&A service

    Add the service to Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp channels

  • Smart layer for support service

    Connect the service to any support channel or CRM system to have a smart prompts and repetitive answering

  • Classifications of requests

    Connect the service to any WFM system to have inbound requests classification

  • Self-service portal

    Add a meaning-based search in a knowledge base to a website or any text channels

Improve your business efficiency

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