A truly collaborative way to automatically transcribe your meetings.


One-on-one meeting transcription app that does not compromise trust.

Why we are the best
for you

When meeting one-on-one at a coffee shop or a meeting room, our app gets rid of note-taking interruptions and lets you focus on the discussion instead (and the coffee).

Retain conversational knowledge

The what, the where, and the who of lucid conversational knowledge are now at your disposal.

Increase productivity

Save time on follow ups and action items - focus on conversation rather than note-taking.

Stay in touch

Easily loop in people who weren’t at the meeting.

how it works

We deliver great technologies based on NLP and the latest research. High quality voice recognition in the dialog of several persons is the basis of our App. Play dialogue below and check how it works:

example of transcription
of a dialogue with several persons:

Michael: Recruitment, Corina?

Corina: Well, we have three applicants for the post of finance assistant.

Michael: Are all the interviews this week?

Corina: Yes. They are. But I'm away tomorrow, so somebody needs to interview.

Michael: Well, can't Mia do it? The applicants are applying to be in her team.

Corina: Yes. But I think one of us should be there.

Michael: Okay. Leave it with me.

Corina: Anyway, the applicant is Monica.

Michael: Monica? Monica on reception? You just said she's off sick.

Corina: I know. But her interview's tomorrow, so we have to assume that she'll be there.

Michael: Sorry. So just to recap, I, I'm interviewing Monica with Mia tomorrow. At what time?

Corina: 1:30.

Michael: And who will be looking after reception while she's having her interview?

Corina: Well, the same temp as today, I hope.

Michael: But you won't be there to make sure.

Corina: You said I could have tomorrow off [laughter].

Michael: I know. I know. It's fine.


Superior Quality/

Use additional smartphones and deep learning algorithms will do the rest.

Speaker Detection/

Recordings from several smartphones enrich the data and enhance quality.

Free Transcription/

No need to pay.

/Mutual Trust

Shared control of what goes on record.

/Meeting Privacy

Automatically transcribed meetings. No records stored.

/Strong Security

Guaranteed by strong encryption.


Will I have to pay for using the app?
No, the app will be free.

How do you provide privacy and security?
We do not use people for transcribing records, only advanced software and we do not store your records. Your files are securely stored and transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Do you have an enterprise solution?
Great question! Please, contact us for additional information.

How can I try it?
Request for a beta access! We are doing our best to make the dream a reality.

Use Cases

Make your meetings more efficient and capture knowledge from conversations at any place.


We use 2 or more mobile phones to provide comfort and security for participants.
Everyone has mutual control of what goes on record.

The recording person
controls and accumulates
the knowledge

Mutual control:
only approved parts go
on record


Improved speaker separation results in a better transcript.

Single microphone, hardly
separable speakers
- poor recognition quality

Two microphones
(one per phone): improved

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