Turn Your Conversations
into Knowledge

Reason8 automatically takes notes and minutes for you during in-person meetings.

Be present in

every meeting

Get usable automated

meeting notes

Save time on follow ups

and action items

Search and share

your conversations

“With reason8 I can create meeting summaries and minutes up to 3 times faster”

Ivar Maksutov, CEO, Serious Science

Usable meeting notes

Reason8 provides the best automated note-taking quality on the market for in-person meetings. We believe that one needs usable meeting notes to create a meeting summary. With multiple smartphones and AI patent pending approach - we boost audio quality and provide meeting notes in a way a conversation goes.

Never miss a thing from your meetings

“With reason8 I can come back to a meeting that I made a week ago and create meeting minutes without any paper notes and being afraid that something might be missed” Paul Gottsegen, Executive Manager, Time Equities

Reason8’s technology surely saves all information even from an active discussion. Be present in conversational flow with your meeting partners

Turn conversations into summaries

Turn conversations into summaries

Action items

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Use AI to Become Meeting Guru

“Reason8 is the best meeting minutes transcription software.” A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

At reason8 we are leveraging AI technologies to create the best experience for your meetings through meetings automation tools.

Export and share meeting notes

Export and work with meeting results in your favourite tools. Or just send selected parts to your colleagues.